Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Days 15 & 16!

Day 15 Equation:

Denim Jacket + Striped T + White Denim + Wedges

My Pick:

Striped trapeze tank, Old Navy, old
Denim shirt, Earl Jeans, thrifted
Pink Skinnies, Arizona, $12.99 (sale)
Black Wedges, AE, Payless, $13 (sale + coupon) (in store only)

Day 16 Equation:

Maxi Skirt + White T + Metallic Sandal

My Pick:

Skirt, Rue 21, $10 ($10 off coupon)
T, NoBo, ~$5
Wedges, Bare Trap, Amazon, $42
Necklace, Stella & Dot (old)

I'm super happy with the skirt purchase-I have been looking for a long skirt that was not as form-fitting as my others. Also picked up a cute pair of patterned, tapered pants that will work well with a T/tank and flat sandals.

 Just a few short months 'til we head to the beach!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 14!

Today was super busy! First, we went to church, then out to lunch.

Here's Sadie owning her stripe/floral combo for church this morning. And, you can't see it, but she's wearing a spring chick clip in her hair!
Dress, Healthtex, Walmart, ~$6

Then, I hit the gym, the grocery store, and in for a quick peek at Goodwill.

This is my view leaving the gym :) S-P-R-I-N-G!

Not much luck at GW, other than a pair of Gap khaki shorts for Sadie. I know better than to go on a Sunday. It's completely picked over!

Anyway, it was 3:30 before I hopped into the shower for the second time and dressed in the challenge outfit.

Today's Equation:

White Denim + Button Down + Metallic Sandals

My Pick:

Floral button down, a.n.a, JCP, purchased last year
White ankle skinny jeans, JCP, $20 (on sale)
Necklace, F21, $5.80
Sandals, Mossimo, $19.99

I'm off to do a load of whites! The white denim is in tomorrow's equation, too!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Days 12 & 13!

Day 12 Equation:

Maxi + Bright Tank + Neutral Cardigan + Wedges

My Pick:
Green/oatmeal maxi skirt, Billabong, Buckle, $44
Taupe tank, Buckle, $14
Oatmeal jacket, thrifted, $5
Necklace, Forever21. 21.80
Wedges, Bare Trap, $42

Day 13 Equation:

Striped T + Dark Skinnies +  Statement Necklace + Metallic Sandals

My Pick:
Black/cream peplum top, Forever 21, $5 (clearance)
Dark skinnies, JCP, $4.97 (clearance)
Necklace, Jane.com, $9.99
Sandals, Mossimo, $19.99

The group as a whole continues to really "change up" the combos. I, personally, am finding more and more items on the challenge list hanging right in front of me! I plan on doing the summer challenge with items I (hopefully) already have.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 11!

Today's Equation:

Button Down + Skinny Jeans + Neutral Flat + Floral Scarf

My Pick:

Merona/Target floral button down, thrifted, $3.25
Gap Always Skinny zippered jeans, thrifted, $3.25
White gold wedges with animal print bows, Lindsay Phillips, $15 on clearance at a local pharmacy/gift shop (retail is $68). These have interchangeable snaps at the toe. I have one other pair of snaps that are mixed metal spheres for dressier occasions.
Braided belt borrowed from a maxi dress
Monogrammed Tiger's Eye necklace, Etsy, $20

Overall, I really love this combination. I always thought button downs were too boxy, but if you do a sloppy tuck, belt a longer one, tie it up, or pair with a tank, the options are quite flattering! A scarf in coordinating colors with a swiss dot or pin-stripe would have been adorable, but I don't own one (not yet, anyway!).

I also ordered these today! GAH!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 10!

Today's Equation:

Bright Cardigan + Striped T + Boyfriend Jeans + Leopard Flats

My Pick:

Pink cardigan, Faded Glory, Walmart, $3 (clearance, girls department)
Striped t-shirt, NoBo, Walmart, $5
Skinny Diva jeans, Old Navy, $22 (sale)
Patterned rain boots, brand unknown, HyVee grocery, $15 (clearance)
Necklace (so old I have no idea..)

Could the background on this collage be more '80's!? HA!
Subbed rain boots for flats because it was quite drizzly today, so I also had to sub skinny jeans. Boyfriends just would not work tucked into these boots.  I don't love the necklace, but I'm trying to experiment. I usually only wear it to concerts! I'm noticing people's accessories (around town) a lot more!
Shopping tip: If you're petite up top, don't bypass the girls' section of stores. You'll probably fit into an XL easily (14-16) for a much lower price!

Sadie's Pick:

Coral cardigan, Circo, thrifted, $2
Striped navy/white peplum t-shirt, Circo, $5 (Target sale)
Boyfriend jeans, Target, $12
Converse sneakers (not shown), Target $26.99
Attitude, priceless ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Days 8 and 9!

Day 8 Equation:

Button-Down + Dark Skinnies + Leopard Flats

My Pick:
Pale blue button down, Max Studio, thrifted, $3.25
Taupe tank, Buckle  Extra Long and Lean, $14
Dark Skinnies, JCP, $4.97 (clearance)
Leopard flats, Faded Glory, Walmart, $12.87
Necklace, Stella & Dot

Day 9 Equation:

Denim Jacket + Bright Tank + White Jeans+ Neutral Wedge + Floral Scarf

My Pick:
Aztec tank and coordinating L/L tank, Buckle, $28, $14, respectively
I chose to omit the scarf and use pattern in the tank instead
Denim jacket, thrifted, $6 ( I only wore this a few times outside in the morning hours)
White skinnies, JCP, $20 (sale + coupon)
Wedges, Bare Trap, Amazon, ~$42
Necklace, Forever21, $5.80 (in stores)

I cannot say enough about 3 items!
1. The Buckle L/L tanks
2. JCP Skinny jeans (I have the white and dark and will be purchasing any other available colors!)
3. These Bare Trap wedges!

We are all starting to "mix things up" this week! I love seeing everyone's personality start to come out in their choices :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 7!

Today's Equation:

Neutral Cardigan + Button-Down + Boyfriend Jean + Statement Necklace + Wedge

My Pick:

Plaid button-down, American Eagle Outfitters, thrifted $3
Boyfriend jean, Vigoss, $25 (sale), Maurices
Statement necklace, Forever21, $21.80 (this may be the most expensive item I've ever purchased from Forever21!)
Wedges, $13 (coupon), American Eagle, Payless
Braided belt (old)

This was a very colorful outfit and pretty comfy after that BIG Easter lunch! I knew I had to have the necklace when I saw it on the site. It goes with EVERYTHING! I debated whether to wear it on the outside/inside of the shirt, but felt it deserved full view. I may even name it ;)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 6!

Today's Equation:

Maxi Skirt (finally!) + Bright Tank + Denim Shirt + Statement Necklace + Metallic Sandal

My Pick:

Maxi skirt, Family Dollar, $10
Lemon tank, Gap $9
Chambray shirt, Forever21, $19
Statement necklace, Jane.com, $9.99
Gold sandals, Mossimo, Target, $19.99

I have never tied my shirt up like this before, but I thought it was great with the long tank. I can't believe I found a maxi skirt (with an interesting pattern I might add!) at the dollar store while looking for a closet mirror to take these selfies! It's not super high quality, but my job consists of running with the kids, so it totally works for my lifestyle ;)

Sadie's Pick:

Chevron skirt, Garanimals, $4.97
Orange tank, Circo (old)
Denim jacket, Gap, consignment, $4
Hoy sandals, Ebay, $16 (retail new for $35)

We had a picnic in the park, so the girls changed into tennis shoes (gold Rocket Dogs for me and Converse for Sadie). Today, I decided a Converse purchase is in my VERY NEAR future!

Do you think people around town are noticing my child and I are quite matchy!? Ha!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 5!

Today's Equation:

Black/White Striped T + Neutral Cardigan + Dark Skinnies + Leopard Flats

My Pick:

Oatmeal cardigan, Target, 19.99
Striped t-shirt, NoBo, Walmart, ~$5
Dark skinny jeans, JCP, $4.97 (clearance)
2 shoe choices: leopard flats, Faded Glory, Walmart, $12.87; animal print slides, Dr. Scholl's, Walmart, $3 (mega clearance last year!).  I actually saw what appears to be the last pair still at my Walmart today. It's a size 9 if anyone wants me to ship them to you!
Tiger's Eye monogram pendant necklace, Etsy (there are tons of Etsy shops making these right now). Mine was ~$20

Sadie was lacking in this combo, but I made it work!

Leopard tank dress, Healthtex, $4.97 (Wal-mart)
Denim jeggings, Garanimals, $3.88 (")
Vanilla Toms, Ebay, $20

Later, she wore a denim jacket and black lace leggings to run errands. She looked like Madonna (in the early days)!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 4!

Today's Equation:

Denim Shirt + White Jeans + Floral Scarf + Nude Flat

My Pick:

Denim shirt, Earl Jeans, thrifted in Austin, ~$5
Pink Skinnies (no white jeans for me today), JCP, Arizona, on sale for $12.99 (reg. $30)
Metallic silver flats, J Crew, thrifted, $4.95
Floral infinity scarf, JCP, $25

Thoughts: This outfit screamed "Spring!". I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this pink denim. I'm not a huge fan of denim shirts, but I know it's a good basic to wrap an outfit around. These shoes were such a "find" at my local Goodwill. They had two pair (hot pink and silver) in my size around 2 months ago. I think I teared up! J Crew flats are sooo nice - high quality leather, wooden sole, made in Italy. To find 2 pairs for $5 each is incredible!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 3!

No gym time for me today! I was up early and on the road to Omaha for Sadie's opthalmologist appointment. I was happy to see the boyfriend jeans in our assignment and VERY pleased that I purchased a low wedge, in addition to a few higher ones. Totally comfy today for the drive!

Today's Equation:

Neutral Cardigan + Bright Tank + Boyfriend Jeans + Statement Necklace + Neutral Wedges

My Pick:

I substituted my cropped military jacket for the cardigan. I just wasn't feeling a cardigan two days in a row.
Jacket, Mossimo (junior dept.), Target online clearance, ~$12
Peach tank, Buckle, $14 (these extra long tanks are perfection!)
Boyfriend jeans, Vigoss, ~$25 (marked down last year), Maurices
Wedges, Bare Trap, Amazon, ~$42
Statement necklace, Forever21, $5.80 (in stores only)

Sadie joined in the fun!

Peplum jacket, BabyGap (on sale at outlet ~$12)
Pink peplum top, Forever21, $10.80 in stores
Cuffed capris, GapKids (consignment, $4)
Pink caged sandals, Target (last year)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 2!

A gym selfie!

I should go take my challenge outfit pics at the gym - so many HUGE mirrors, but that would be weird...

Today's Equation: Bright Cardigan + Button Down + Statement Necklace + Dark Skinnies + Neutral Flat

My Pick:
Luxlight cardigan, Gap, $19 (sale + coupon code)
Aqua/white button-down, Faded Glory (juniors section), Walmart, $12.87
Dark ankle skinnies, JCP, $4.97 (major clearance a few months ago)
Ankle-strap taupe flats, Old Navy, $11 (Black Friday sale)
Statement necklace, Jane.com, $9.99
Nude wrap watch, Francesca's, $26

Found this new collage creator and many more apps to play around with! Less than an hour until our next reveal!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Style Challenge: Day 1

Today begins the first of 21 outfits for the Get Your Pretty On Spring Style Me Challenge

Today's Equation:
Button Down + White Jeans + Denim Jacket + Leopard Flats

My Pick:
Yellow/white check shirt, Old Navy, old
White ankle skinnies, JCP, $20 (sale + coupon)
Distressed denim jacket, rue21, $6, thrifted
Leoparrd flats, Faded Glory - Walmart, $12.87
Stella and Dot pendant necklace, no longer available

Better shoe shot

My thoughts: I think this is a super cute combination from Alison. The jeans (from JCP) are soooo comfy and are mid-rise, so I'm not always adjusting :). I have a few button downs, but I felt this one worked best with the leopard accent. There are a ton of different ways to style the given equation, so we're really getting many more than 3 weeks of outfits.

Overall, this is just SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Morning and Noon

Today, the weather is making me all sorts of happy. Still a bit chilly this morning, but highs in the low 80's predicted this afternoon!

I'm wearing my new Gap shirt today, styled two ways for two temps.


Top, Gap $26.95
Sweater, Wet Seal (old)
Vigoss Destroyed Boyfriend Jean, ~$25 (40% reg. price)
Payless Wedge ~$13 (on sale for $19.99 and used a 30% coupon), so I picked them up in black, too :)
Stella and Dot pendant necklace (no longer available)


Gap Skinny Bermuda Short, $49.95
Target Sandals (sold out, but they were $19.99 and may still be available in stores)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Linking up with Alison at Get Your Pretty On

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Style Challenge!

I mentioned the Spring Style Challenge from Get Your Pretty On in my last post. Let me just say this "challenge" has been so fun for me. I love interacting on the Facebook group page and seeing/hearing about everyone's great deals!

Yesterday was shopping day #1 for everyone and think we all finished in record time! Just waiting for those sweet packages to arrive...

I had most everything on the list, but wanted to get a few new items. Not to mention my Target birthday gift card was seriously burning a hole in my pocket!

My Finds

From Target:
Mossimo Challis Jacket

Mossimo Gold Gabriela Braided Sandal

Mossimo Cream Boyfriend Cardigan

Sam and Libby Ainsley Sandal (Gah!)

From Gap:
Luxlight Cardigan in Rose Bush
Essential Cami in Lemon (can I order her hair, too?! Love!)


I didn't really need another statement necklace, but my neck was begging me! I couldn't say no.

The outfits start in about a week! I will be posting the sample photo provided and my take on the daily look.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Oh-So-Versatile Pencil Skirt

I'm linking up with Pinterest Told Me To today to showcase the versatility of my new pencil skirt!

I picked this one up at Target. It has a nice stretch jacquard fabric and exposed silver zipper in back.

Mossimo, $27.99

Pinspiration Photos
Casual (skirt + t shirt + flats)

Professional (skirt + blouse + heels)

Trendy (skirt + loose tank + nude heels)

My versions

(Mossimo  t shirt, $8; J. Crew flats (thrifted), $4.25; Forever 21 cuff, $3.80)

(Liz Claiborne blouse on clearance, $4.97; Michelle D heels, $69)

(Daytrip loose tank and fitted tank, gift; Mossimo nude heels, $19.99; Forever 21 necklace, $5.80)

Do you like my tan?! Ha!

After perusing Pinterest, I saw about 100 other ways to wear my new skirt! What a timeless purchase!

In other news, I'm super excited to be a participant in a style challenge hosted by Alison Lumbatis at Get Your Pretty On.  The basics: we receive our shopping list this Friday, have 10 days to review our closets and purchase/borrow what we're lacking, then attempt to put together our versions of the styled outfits she gives us. Exciting!