Sunday, July 6, 2014

GYPO Summer Challenge Outfits: Second Half!

Some key points from the summer challenge:

1. I don't hate shorts. Shorts are like a great pair of jeans: if at first you don't succeed; try, try again.  I found a great fit at J Crew Factory. Now that I know my size and comfy length, I can order online when there are fantastic sales or thrift them if I'm lucky.

2. If you are petite up top, use it to your advantage and shop the girls'department. My favorite find was the sleeveless denim vest for $16 at Cato in a girl's size 16/XL.  It's perfect to throw over a maxi or tank for a little extra coverage.

3. I still LOVE my metallic sandals from the first challenge. I wear them at least 3x/week. When these wear out, I will probably invest in an even nicer pair knowing what a staple they are! Along that same line, I'm so glad I invested in a cute pair of converse. They're going to get a lot of mileage.

4. Choose only one statement piece per outfit, whether it's a bold earring, necklace, hair accessory, belt, etc. and go dainty the rest of the way :)

5. Drapey (it's a word!) = comfy. I love my drapey, drawstring waist shorts from Old Navy. Same goes for my drapey, tapered pants from Walmart. And any maxi dress or skirt is heaven. Pure heaven.

6. Trendy patterns and cuts will only get you so far, so don't invest in many pieces.  You can't wear them as often and they will be out of style before you know it. The classic pieces will hang out in your closet much longer.  The same goes for jewelry.

7. I love my bangs! I do not love hats, but I'll keep trying..

8. A LOT of my pieces came from Wal-Mart. I now have 4 tanks and 3 Ts from there and purchased them all for about $4 each.

9. I have never been on Facebook so much in my life!

10. And lastly, posting a bathing suit pic is not that scary in a secret forum among fellow challengers :)

Now, on to the outfits!

Equation 11: Bright T + Print Shorts + Fedora + Sneakers

My Pick: T, Shorts, Old Navy; Fedora, Ebay; Converse, Famous Footwear

Equation 12: Printed Shirt + White Short + Statement Earrings + Metallic Sandal

My Pick: Top,; Skinny Ankle Jeans, JCP; Earrings, Forever 21; Sandals, Target (Mossimo)

Equation 13: White T + Palazzo Pants + Swimwear + Metallic Sandal

My Pick: Gold Button Orange Tank, thrifted; Tapered Pants, Wal-Mart (Faded Glory); Necklace, Forever 21; Sandals, same

Equation 14: Maxi + Denim Vest + Long Necklace + Wedges + Fedora

My Pick: Dress, Wal-Mart (Faded Glory); Vest, Cato Girl; Necklace, Stella and Dot
Note: I actually returned the original dress that I purchased at Banana Republic Factory after finding this one at Wal-Mart! It has a chambray corset top with adjustable straps and a modest high/low hemline.

Equation 15: Bright Cardigan + White T + Print Short + Wedges + Statement Earrings

My Pick: Cardigan, Gap; T, Wal-Mart; Shorts, J Crew Factory; Wedges, American Eagle/Payless in-store; Earrings, same; Necklace, (broke the rules this day with both a statement earring and necklace, but it felt right!)

Equation 16: Bright T + Maxi Skirt + Long Necklace + Metallic Sandal

My Pick: T, Wal-Mart; Skirt, Rue 21; Necklace, Etsy; Sandals, same

Equation 17: Stripe T + White Short + Wedges + Long Necklace

My Pick: Navy Tank, Buckle; Striped Scarf, Wal-Mart; Shorts, Wal-Mart; Wedges, Amazon/Bare Trap brand

Equation 18:  Bright Shorts + White T + Denim Shirt or Vest + Long Necklace + Metallic Sandal

My Pick: Chambray Shirt, Forever 21; White Tank, Target; Pink Skinny Jeans, Arizona/JCP; Leopard Flats, Wal-Mart

Equation 19: Print Shirt, Denim Shorts + Sneakers

My Pick: Top, Old Navy; Shorts, Express; Converse, same

Equation 20: Maxi Dress + Swimwear + Fedora + Metallic Sandals

My Pick: Dress, Maurices; Sandals, same

Equation 21: Palazzo Pants + Bright Tank + Long Necklace + Wedges

My Pick: Pants/Tank/Necklace, Wal-Mart; Wedges, American Eagle/Payless in-store

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