Friday, May 16, 2014

A Weeks' Worth & Summer Lovin'

There were a few warm days (ok, maybe just one-see middle pic with culottes), but for now it's still fairly chilly and windy. Layers required.

I have summer on my mind, though, and a ton of cute outfit ideas in my head! Mother Nature just needs to cooperate.

A few faves this week...

Pleated chambray shorts from Forever 21 here.

Mintaka romper from Anthropologie here

Old Navy foldover jersey skirts here
I've had these before and they are so comfy and versatile! Fitted T + jersey skirt + flops + messy top knot = cuteness.

Gap 1969 boyfriend short here

Take Me Away dress from Riffraff here
This just screams Sand & Sun!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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